Solutions for information retrieval

Altarika provides software solutions for the implementation of data storage and information retrieval in any technical environment, from embedded systems to data-centers.

Altarika's solutions are based on our in-house document-oriented database system along with a high-performance Full-Text Information Retrieval software technology: Altarika core. Altarika core provides powerful document management services where the main objective is to provide instant access to required information in a variety of formats including text, pictures, sound, and video.

Altarika core

Altarika core includes a document-oriented database management system and a comprehensive indexing and information retrieval « engine ».

Altarika core is a scalable and small memory footprint (400 KB) software, developed as a cross-platform software C library with an easy to use API. It can also be accessible as a stand-alone server with both IP/JSON and HTTP/REST interfaces. 

Altarika core software has been integrated into: 

  • Web application frameworks, e.g. Django and Rails
  • Mobile application frameworks, e.g. for iOS, Android and Symbian


Altarika consulting team offers a range of services to help you maximize your investment in Altarika's solutions by bringing Altarika's expertise and industry best practices to your implementation. By engaging Altarika to develop your search solution, you will free internal resources to focus on building your product, so you can get to market faster while still providing a fast, user-friendly deployment experience to your users.